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 Published On Jun 2, 2022

What’s better than one Sonic cartoon? Two Sonic cartoons? How about THREE Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons! It’s time to once again to showcase three of our most popular toons starring Mr. Sonic Hedgehog: Sonic’s Metal Nightmare, Sonic Game Over, and Enter The Sonicverse!

There’s a general theme in each mini Sonic movie – including our Sonic song – Sonic vs Eggman (or Robotnik, if you're of a certain vintage). So, sit back, relax, and watch Sonic the Hedgehog do Sonic the Hedgehog things in SONIC CARTOON COLLECTION (Volume 2).

Sonic: Enter The Sonicverse
Concept and Produced by Ben Michael and Tom Jenkins
Music written, composed and performed by The Kevin Bennett
Storyboards & Animatic by Liam Mckeown
Rough Animation by Billy B Crinion, Jesus Ache, Bimmling & Liam Mckeown
Clean Up by Hugo McCrea (@dustyhugs), DZ-Aladan (@DZAladan), Billy B Crinion, Jesus Ache, Bimmling, Jacques Theron & Liam McKeown
Colour by EpicFaceFist, Kevin Stolle, Ryan Hammond, Bimmling, Jesus Ache, Jacques Theron, Liam McKeown & Billy B Crinion
Backgrounds by Eric Oleander (
Additional Backgrounds by Liam McKeown
VFX, Edit and Compositing by Jason Alan Dewey

Sonic: Game Over?
Produced by Tom Jenkins & Ben Michael
Written and Animated by Pegbarians
Voice of Robotnik by Alex Walker Smith
Voice of Svitlana Volkov by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Edit, sound design and music edited by Jason Alan Dewey
Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith

Sonic's Metal Nightmare
Produced by Tom Jenkins and Ben Michael
Animated and Storyboarded by Daniel Arruda Massa -
Written by Ben Michael and Tom Shreeve
Additional material by Florian Walraven
Voice of Sonic by Blake Swift
Voice of Tails and Amy by Eileen 'EileMonty' Montgomery
Voice of Knuckles, Metal Sonic and Doctor Robotnik by Alex Walker Smith
Additional Animation by Liam McKeown
Backgrounds by Josh Floyd and Ryan Hammond
Music Composed by Holley Gray
Sound Design and Post-Production by Jason Alan Dewey



There's Something About Amy

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