Giving 20,000 Shoes To Kids In Africa
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 Published On Mar 8, 2023

Massive thanks to Lectric eBikes for sponsoring this video so we could give away 20,000 pairs of shoes. Lectric eBikes have come on board to help us create massive change around the world.  Give them a visit  and show them some love for being such incredible people.

And a huge shoutout to our friend Yeezy Busta (   / @yeezybusta  ) who sold part of his personal collection to pay for thousands more pairs of shoes for kids in need. Go check out the awesome video he just put up on his channel (   • I Gave Away 20,000 Shoes With MrBeast   ).

And finally, a very special thanks to Barefoot No More in South Africa. They are on a mission to bring school shoes to the hundreds of thousands of kids in South Africa who have none. Please consider supporting this awesome charity ( ).

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