Every Shot Kendrick Took at Drake on "Not Like Us" Explained
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 Published On May 7, 2024

Breaking down every diss and reference on Kendrick's "Not Like Us," a catchier version of the allegations he first leveled at Drake on "Meet the Grahams", and has hit number one on the charts. Could it be the nail in the coffin on this historic beef?

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For now, Kendrick can rejoice and hold his head high after issuing the knockout blow of the battle on Saturday (May 4) with “Not Like Us,” topping streaming charts on Spotify and Apple and already making its way into the heart of pop culture. Meanwhile, his adversary Drake is left to ponder his next move, after seemingly dismissing the lyrical combat in what was likely his last song of the battle, Sunday’s “The Heart Pt. 6.”

As he weighs his future, Drake may have to decide which route he wants to go when finishing his story. After receiving harsh criticism for For All the Dogs, he dashed into the studio because The Culture demanded more rap songs. That birthed the project’s Scary Hours Edition, featuring some of his best rapping to date. Though hip-hop purists applauded his efforts, not everyone clapped for him, as they awaited his demise and later rebuked him after Kendrick’s demolition derby.

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