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 Published On Oct 21, 2021

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Tay Keith Fuck These Niggas Up

What be wrong with niggas
Man what be wrong with bitches

Back in the hood, with my ice on (right now)
Niggas put up they quarantined (inside)
You got ahead then told that man
Look at the drip, like Visine (clear leak)
Shot off, I put a lil sauce in every bitch I come cross
Pop off, bring yo ass outside or we gone shoot the lock off
Fuck yo apology gotta fix it how you broke it
Tell the internet you sorry, you don’t know what you was smoking
I can peep how niggas feel through all them stories they be posting
She fuck with the winning team but I can’t treat her like trophy (no sir)
Hit her with the Heisman, I’m not on that type of timing
Blue hunnids match my diamonds, I understood the assignment (details)
I’m in the Maybach vibing, them killers gone trial behind me
Telling all them war stories, I never heard about you sliding

What be wrong with niggas
Man what be wrong with bitches

Let me teach him
He wasn’t on point, had to brief him
You not my opp you a hater
Stop telling people we beefing
She want me to take her serious, ion know what she was thinking
Still ain’t find out what to call it, we just sneaking and linking
Catch me coming down your timeline giving it (gave it)
It go viral, they mimic it (trending)
I’m speaking up cuz I ain’t feeling it (at all)
Errbody don’t deserve it (what)
I been acting stingy with my energy
Still in cahoots with some dope boys that be rein up with the stimulus
Packing and stacking and flipping it
How you cross yo nigga for a bitch that’s temporary
From EBT to BET lil hoe I’m legendary (Big Bag)
Shaking my head cuz this shit sad but it’s still funny
Nigga’s a call a baby big bruh if he got some money

What be wrong with niggas
Man what be wrong with bitches

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