What It's Like Behind The Scenes At Rocket Launches - Coast to Coast Rocket Chasing!
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 Published On Oct 31, 2022

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Today we're going to take you behind the scenes at some of the most incredible launch pads at both Kennedy Space Center and Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Join us for a little road trip action, see us set up on site at historic Kennedy Space Center and at Vandenberg Space Force base, see the good, the bad, and the ugly as we try to capture LUNA’s first rocket launch and then stick around for the lessons we learned and our plan to try to continue to improve our streams!

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00:00 - Intro
01:10 - Heading to Artemis 1
04:52 - At Launch Complex 39B
07:18 - Prepping & Setting Up At Press Site
10:20 - Catching a Starlink Launch!
12:18 - The Crazy Sound During The Launch
13:18 - Artemis Launch Attempts
19:00 - Heading to Vandenberg
20:13 - Visiting Sian Proctor
22:10 - Setting up at Vandenberg
26:40 - Firefly Launch Attempts
32:00 - Firefly Alpha Launch Slow Motion
33:56 - Solutions and Summary


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