HIDDEN MESSAGES in TV Shows and Conspiracy Theories: The Shane Dawson Podcast Ep 9
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 Published On Sep 5, 2022

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In this episode Shane and the guys get EMO as they travel back to 2008 to relive their Hot Topic past! We’re coming at you with some intensely awkward experiences, reactions to new cringy Tik Tok trends, and enough Conspiracy Theories to turn your hair straight! Grab your eye liner and fingerless gloves cause we’re heading to W@RP TOUR!

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Timecodes 00:00
Emo Band Generator! 02:38
What Are We Wearing? 03:47
New Mic Reveal! 05:07
New Merch! 05:56
Chris’s Merch Review! 07:45
Chris’s Emo Past! 09:28
Jerid’s Past Vibe 11:40
Jerid’s SCARY Life Update 15:06
Chris’s Airport Misadventure 17:19
Our Future Band Name! 22:10
Ryland’s Chode Questions 25:00
Weird New Trend?? 28:46
Emo To Do List 31:35
Jokes with Jerid 33:38
Our New Sponsor! 34:16
Our Break Up Stories 36:13
Conspiracy Theories 44:08
Chris’s Doppleganger 44:37
Ryland’s Doppleganger 47:16
Mandela Effects! 48:53
Backmasking Conspiracy! 50:47
Glitch in The Matrix 55:21
Alien Conspiracies 56:56
Ryland’s Recap! 01:02:13
The Wrap Up 01:09:57

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