This is Thermomix! - An Introduction to what a Thermomix can do

 Published On Apr 16, 2021

Thermomix allows you to make healthy food at home, so easily.

🥦 Healthy, nutritious meals can be made so easily using Thermomix. Fresh fruit and veg are key and our Cookidoo recipe platform (hosting over 60,000 recipes!) will provide you with lots of inspiration for how to include and create healthier meals and treats. Our step-by-step recipe guidance, tells you exactly what to do.

🥕 Restaurant quality food can be made at home every day.

🌶 Fakeaway your usual takeaway to save money and create pizzas, curries, Thai and Chinese meals at home - saving money too!

🧄 Thermomix will teach your partner/children how to cook/bake, etc. (with very little mess and clearing up to do afterwards) or will help you get more creative with your current culinary skills.

🍞 Batch cook and freeze with ease using a Thermomix - soups, bread, stews, curries, etc.

🥛 Make your own basics; bread, pasta, soup, baked beans, flour, yoghurt, mayo, butter, nut butters, non-dairy milks, so easily using Thermomix.

🍅 Use Cookidoo to meal plan ahead to limit the number of trips to the supermarket and to cut down on waste.

🍯 Recipe collections such as ‘Store Cupboard Wonders’ are so helpful for using up ingredients you already have.

🧑🏻‍🍳 Anyone can cook at home with Thermomix, from the can’t & reluctant cooks, through to the competent cooks and chefs - so if the ‘main cook’ does become unwell, Thermomix will be there to help.

Thermomix can do all the following :

🍴 Blend
🍴 Emulsify
🍴 Stir
🍴 Chop
🍴 Mix
🍴 Weigh - with built in scales on
the Thermomix
🍴 Grind – for sugar, spices,
coffee beans etc
🍴 Whip
🍴 Heat
🍴 Knead – for dough such as
bread, pizza
🍴 Advanced 4 levels of Pre-
Clean, so it will wash itself up

AND in addition, other cooking functions that the Thermomix can do are:

🍴 Steam – using Varoma®. This is a special
setting for steam cooking & steaming
🍴 Cook
🍴 Stir fry
🍴 Sous-Vide – cooking food vacuum sealed
in water
🍴 Slow Cooker cooking
🍴 Egg Boiler mode
🍴 Rice Cooker mode
🍴 Kettle
🍴 Heat up mode – heat milk, baby food
evenly, reheat soups, creamy or liquid food
etc the next day or later on
🍴 Thickening – for sauces etc
🍴 Fermentation – for making yoghurts
🍴 High Temperature – for stir frying, sautéing
🍴 Sugar Stages - for sugar work such as

So as you can see the aim of the Thermomix is to replace many of the appliances in the kitchen, so that you only need one appliance for all, taking up just the space of an A4 piece of paper on your worktop, so it’s accessible at all times & gets plenty of use.

For any more information or questions, to book a cooking experience with me to cook & see in more detail how a Thermomix works plus the chance to ask questions as we go along or to purchase a Thermomix TM6, please contact me, Sara Joiner-Jarrett (Thermomix Team Leader & Advisor no 140776) on either my mobile: 07836 214816 or by email: [email protected]

Orders can also be placed through our Head Office on 0330 660 0834, press option 1 Thermomix or online at & PLEASE QUOTE MY NAME & ADVISOR NO 140776, with thanks, as then I will be assigned to you and can support you on using your Thermomix on your Thermomix journey with a Welcome Visit to get you started.

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