Arc Welder - Smoother, Faster, Better 3D Prints! Its like magic to improve your 3D Print quality.
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 Published On Jan 29, 2021

In this video we cover using Arc Welder to improve your 3D Prints. The Arc Welder Software works via the command line, in Cura Slicer, in Octoprint and has an embeddable library. This magic software converts straight line data from most slicers and converts it into arc data for your 3D Printer. The results are spectacular. Improved 3D printing speeds, smoother prints and the ability to print faster than before. This improvement comes from converting the line segments of your 3D Prints into arcs. Arcs are also more efficient at creating smooth 3D prints because there is less data for your 3D Printer to process. This all comes together like magic to improve your 3D print quality. The plugin is completely free.

We cover how Arc Welder works, the installation and show examples of the results. Arc Welder was developed by @formerlurker . This is the same author of the very famous octolapse plugin. Go check it out!

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Test Object in the video

0:00 - Introduction
3:58 - How Arc Welder Works
4:48 - Cura Installation & Use
5:47 - OctoPrint Installation & Use
7:50 - Command Line Installation & Use
10:14 - Print Quality & Tests
12:21 - Wrap Up

Octoprint Plugin Arc Welder
FormerLuker Github:
Arc Welder Lib (Command Line Version)

OctoPrint Plugin
Bug Reports:
How to Install the Beta:
OctoPrint Discord Server (use ONLY the support-plugins channel please):

Console Application
Bug Reports:
Latest Release Binaries (scroll down):
Latest Beta Release Binaries (Mac OS doesn't work here yet, sorry):

Cura Plugin
The cura plugin was written by FieldOfView, who did a fantastic job. I know of a few issues that are solved in the latest development snapshot, but it takes a few weeks for those to work their way into the marketplace, so check back often. If you search the Ultimaker forums for 'Arc Welder Plugin' you might be able to find a copy, or ask questions. Please be kind to FieldOfView!

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