Do NOT Watch This Video! | MatPat Reacts to The Mandela Catalogue Vol. 4 (Analog Horror)
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 Published On Nov 30, 2022

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Friends, today marks the return of The Mandela Catalogue, with @MandelaCatalogue posting Vol. 4 earlier this week. I LOVE this series and I’m so excited to dive into this BEHEMOTH of an episode with you all. In the wise words of the Ghostbusters… "I ain’t afraid of no life-sucking-people-imitating-screen-residing-ghost”. So turn on your VCRs and POP in that VHS tape, and let's dive in.

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0:00 - The Bippy Banter
8:21 - by golly I'm frightened
56:37 - The Bippy Wrap Up

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