Jazz Drumming Prodigy Reacts To Whiplash (Greyson Nekrutman)
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 Published On Dec 2, 2022

If you saw 2014’s award-winning movie Whiplash, you probably had questions:

Did they do it right, or is the actor overdramatizing what drummers actually do?

When Whiplash came out back in 2014, everyone was talking about it. The Academy Award-winning film covers the experience of a young jazz drummer and his intense music instructor. If you’re a drummer, everyone from your best friend to your weird uncle has probably sent you the trailer or a clip from the movie at some point.

Hollywood tends to add dramatic effect where it wouldn’t exist in real life, and a movie about drummers is no exception. So we asked Greyson Nekrutman, a young jazz drumming prodigy himself, to react to Whiplash and see how much of it looked convincing.

He’s the same age as the main character and has also had to work hard to prove himself. Check out the full video to hear Greyson's take on Hollywood's biggest drumming movie.

Video Chapters:
00:00 - Intro
00:33 - Rushing or Dragging
04:28 - Neiman's Practice Routine
07:10 - The Auditions
11:43 - Final Performance
20:02 - Outro

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