Ranking ALL 11 Orbital Stratagems!!! Which is Best? / Orbital Tier List! | Helldivers 2
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 Published On Mar 30, 2024

We're going through all of the Orbital Stratagems in Helldivers 2 so far. These are extremely fun and can give you the edge on the battlefield.

As with my Eagle video I'll be ranking them for aesthetics/how cool they are as well as giving a tier list from my opinion on how practical they are.

Did you enjoy this format? Please let me know down below & I will get similar videos out for other Stratagem.

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00:00 Intro
01:05 Ship Upgrades: Exploding Shrapnel
01:45 Ship Upgrades: More Guns
02:53 Ship Upgrades: Zero-G Breech Loading
04:09 Ship Upgrades: Targeting Software Upgrade
05:20 Pre-Breakdown Details
05:43 Orbital Gatling Barrage
06:52 Orbital Airburst Strike
07:37 Orbital Railcannon Strike
08:39 Orbital Laser
09:54 Orbital Gas Strike
10:51 Orbital Smoke Strike
11:35 Orbital EMS Strike
12:21 Orbital Precision Strike
13:08 Orbital Walking Barrage
14:06 Orbital 380mm HE Barrage
15:16 Orbital 120mm HE Barrage
16:22 Orbital Stratagem Quirks
16:52 Tier List (Practicality)
18:09 Tier List (Aesthetics / Coolness)
18:34 Outro

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