Helldivers 2 NEW WEAPONS! Leaked News Broadcasts! NEW Armor & MORE!!!
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 Published On Apr 3, 2024

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Hey there family, I hope you are well. I got a new video of Helldivers 2 leaks for you. I got chapters in for your pleasure. These leaks are incredible! I cannot wait for these things. We are on the road to 1k subs.


  / coretta_kelly_broadcast_cyberstan_invasion  
  / breaking_news_illuminate_ship_spotted_audio  


00:00 Intro
00:29 April Warbond
00:44 Armor Leaks
02:13 New Rocket Launcher
02:50 New Primaries
03:32 Nuke Gameplay
04:12 Eruptor BEST PRIMARY EVER!
05:02 Displacement Pack
05:19 Missile Silo Tests
06:06 Illuminate Leaks
07:38 Cyberstan Invasion Broadcast
09:00 Illuminate Broadcast

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