How Many Noobs Can Beat 1 Pro?
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 Published On Aug 11, 2023

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I wanted to see how much better Pro players are than us regular players. I got my friends together and we versed a Pro Player in CSGO, COD, GeoGuessr, and Rocket League. This is my take on the Noobs vs a Pro concept. I wanted to make it all into one video which is the ImSuda fashion.

Slayed (Blue) @SlayedByBlade
Hyper (Purple) @HyperNovaPuma
Jordy (Pink) @jordybee
Soup (Orange) @soup
Invinitii (Green) @Invinitii
Tranium (Yellow) @Tranium
Slawt (Red) @Slawt
@ everyone who played geoguessr

@zi8gzag @Methodz @EliGEjj @RiseRL

0:00 - Intro
0:45 - Call of Duty vs. Methodz
10:31 - CSGO vs. EliGE
21:34 - Rocket League vs. Rise
32:50 - GeoGuessr vs. zi8gzag
47:21 - The Conclusion

We started with a 1 vs 1. Every time my team lost, I added 1 noob to my team. 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, 1 vs 4, 1 vs 5 1 vs 7, Until we win.. you get the point.

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Can 4 Noobs Beat 1 Pro?

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