The First Jeep With A Plug Won't Be The Last | 2022 Jeep Wrangler 4xe Plug In Hybrid
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 Published On Sep 14, 2021

Jeep is prepping an onslaught of plug in hybrids and other "electrified" vehicle for America and the start (at least for N. America) is the Wrangler 4xe. "4 by E" is Jeep speak for plug in hybrid four wheel drive. The battery and electric motor make the Wrangler good for 20 miles of EV range and about 20 MPG in mixed driving, which will excite some and disappoint others. The reason? Jeep decided not to alter the core off-road capabilities or design of the Wrangler. It's not any more aerodynamic than a regular Wrangler, nor is it less powerful, or less capable, or less aftermarket customizable, and that comes with trade-offs.

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